2019 RMBS Highlights

2019 Accomplishments

Directed over $230,000

to research, management, habitat and education projects in Colorado, including:

  • Bighorn sheep transplants: $12,100
  • Bighorn sheep research: $185,000
  • Domestic sheep grazing permit waivers: $32,500
  • Youth education: $2,150

Engaged in federal land management planning processes and advocated for improved management of bighorn sheep and their habitat throughout the state on USFS and BLM lands Participated in the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Bighorn/Domestic Sheep Working Group to advocate for effective separation of wild and domestic sheep to reduce the risk of disease.

Advocated for protection of important bighorn sheep habitat and migration corridors on private lands in the state, including protecting a migration corridor for the Georgetown bighorn sheep herd and winter range protections for the Gore Range and Snowmass herds.

Raised over $500,000 for wild sheep conservation through the statewide auction and raffle program, RMBS raffle program, and the annual Bighorn Rendezvous

Developed a new website for RMBS: www.bighornsheep.org

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