Conservation Projects

Apishapa State Wildlife Area Piñon-Juniper Clearing

The CDOW was awarded $7,000 for clearing of piñon and juniper trees which are encroaching on the cliff complexes that serve as
escape cover for the resident bighorn sheep herd.  Trees will be cleared by hand and left on site to decompose.  A prescribed fire is
planned in the future to remove the remaining timber.

New Mexico Desert Bighorns

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has an aggressive control program for mountain lions that prey on desert bighorn sheep.  
The RMBS has committed $2,500 to this program for the third consecutive year.  In part due to the outstanding success of this program,
desert bighorns are currently being considered for de-listing from Threatened status in the state.

Education & Research

Glenwood Canyon Bighorn Sheep / Domestic Sheep Interaction Assessment

The CDOW was awarded $8,128 to monitor GPS-collared sheep in Glenwood Canyon.  The goals of the project are to assess the
potential for interaction between bighorn sheep and domestic sheep on nearby grazing allotments, document bighorn lamb survival and
recruitment, and identify areas used by bighorn sheep in order to focus habitat treatments.

Colorado Youth Outdoors

CYO received $10,000 in support of their extensive family-oriented programs that introduce parents and their kids to traditional outdoor
experiences and activities.  Through these programs, CYO helps families re-establish quality time together and helps to spawn a new
generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Big Thompson Canyon Interpretive Signs

Funding totaling $7,233 was donated to replace four bighorn sheep interpretive signs along the highway in Big Thompson Canyon.  The
old signs were in very poor condition.

Youth Hunts

The RMBS gave the CDOW Hunter Outreach Program $1,200 to sponsor two youth hunts for 12 young hunters.  Six kids hunted
pronghorn near Craig in October, and six more hunted elk near DeBeque in December.  In between trips afield, hunters learned about
bighorn sheep in Colorado and the mission of the RMBS.

Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council

RMBS paid $1,256 for two CDOW biologists to attend the NWSGC biennial conference and a special workshop from the Wild Sheep
Working Group to discuss the pneumonia outbreak in 5 western states.  At the workshop, agencies summarized information on the die-
offs, including response protocols and the efficacy of those responses, lab results, long-term monitoring strategies and future response

Youth Poster Contest

Prizes totaling $1,125 were awarded to winners of the annual youth poster contest.

Auction & Raffle Funds

The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society transfers 75 percent of the sheep and goat raffle and auction revenues to the Colorado Division of
Wildlife. These funds, combined with other sources, are allocated to various projects on an annual basis with input from the RMBS, USFS
and BLM regarding which projects should be funded. In 2010 $211,400 was allocated from the CDOW raffle and auction account for
various sheep projects and research throughout Colorado.
2010 Projects
Past Projects
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